Puerto Moreno is a quiet fishing villidge nestled on the banks of the Gulf of Nicoya.Good quality paved road leadsfrom Nicoya to the villidge with the travel time of about 20 minutes.Recently built Friendship Bridge located just half a mile away connects Nicoya peninsula with the main land. 

The lots are located just within 5 minutes walk from the shore.Lower lots are mesuring from 1200 sq meters to 15000 sq meters,priced from 12000$ to 16000$. The lots located on the hill from where the Gulf of Nicoya can be seen priced 30$ USD per sq. meter. Priced can be negotiated depending on the lot size which can reach up to 5000 sq meters (1.25 acres). There lots of trees,cashew nuts,mango trees,lemon trees e.c on this property. The terrain is ideal for planting teak trees due to high calcium volumes in the soil. The are large deposits of marble in the ground which can be commercially exploited. 

For further questions please contact us on gsmboss@hotmail.com