Sun ‘n Lake is a whole way of life for a community of contented people: young and mature, active and actively retired, discriminating about services and eager for everyday adventure. From homes to health, from to education to play, Sun ‘n Lake is championship living.


From a wilderness area, Sun ‘n Lake’s 12 square miles have evolved into a combination of conserved green spaces, carefully platted custom homes, community amenities, and two superb golf courses. Of the district’s possible 12, 402 single-family lots, only about 1,800 have been developed.

The Sun ‘n Lake of Sebring Improvement District came into being in 1974 by Highlands County ordinance. As an independent special district, Sun ‘n Lake has an elected, not appointed, governing board, employing a general manager who oversees complete services from fire protection through utilities. The Board of Supervisors began with an energetic and innovative vision that continues into the 21st century. A progressive philosophy has now guided Sun ‘n Lake through 35 successful years.

8890 sq ft (889 sq meters)Price only 12000 USD. Owner financing possible. Contact for more info